Please take a seat and let our staff serve you in the Hotel-Restaurant Löwen

After your long day of work and travelling on business, we invite you to relax and enjoy an excellent meal in the restaurant at Wendlingen, situated between Esslingen and Kirchheim. Now, let us make sure you enjoy your evening after work. All you have to do is choose your favourite spot in the restaurant – or on the summer terrace – and tell us what you would like to eat or drink. You don’t have to do anything more today. Or would you like to spend your holiday with us in beautiful Swabia? If so, we will be delighted to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the local landscape more closely, as well as Swabian cuisine. Of course, we are particularly happy to cater for guests who live in the area. We like local German cuisine as much as you do and look forward to welcoming you to the restaurant.

Monday – Friday
11:30 – 13:30 &
 from 17:00 

German cuisine


Card payment is available from €50

Summer terrace


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Welcome to the Löwen restaurant in Wendlingen. Enjoy your meal!

If you want to get to know our restaurant in Wendlingen am Neckar and discover the area between Esslingen and Kirchheim, you can reach us in 25 minutes by car from Stuttgart. Parking spaces are available for guests and diners. For rail travellers, there are connections between Esslingen and Kirchheim, as well as Reutlingen, twenty minutes by rail from the hotel. We are happy to accept table reservations by telephone.

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Lunch menu

Monday – Friday

11:30 – 13:30

Lunch dishes are changing every week

 Menu 1   12,00 €


Menu 2   13,00 €


Menu 3   14,00 €


Menu 4    15,00 €


Menu 5    16,00 €


You are also welcome to order from our menu.


You can also pick up all dishes from us.
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Monday – Friday

11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Vorspeisen, Salate & Bowls

Mixed Salat

Kartoffel-, Blatt- und Rohkostsalate

5,50 €

Salad Lion Special

Mixed Salad with seasonal dressing, chickenbreast and fruits

16,80 €



Soup with sliced flapjacks
5,80 €

Soup with swabian meat-filled Ravioli
6,80 €

6,80 €

Schwäbische Gerichte

Maultaschen, Zwiebelschmelze, Jus, Kartoffelsalat
14,80 €

Sauere Kutteln mit Bratkartoffeln
14,80 €

Schwäbische Käsespätzle, Röstzwiebeln (v)
13,90 €

Schwäbischer Rindfleischeintopf „Gaisburger Marsch“ in der Terrine
15,80 €

Zwiebelrostbraten im Lembergersößle, Spätzle oder Bratkartoffeln
25,90 €


Schweinefilets, Champignons, Rieslingrahmsößle, Spätzle

23,80 €


Schwäbischer Wurstsalat mit Schwarzwurst & Frischwurst

-mit Brot   10,90 €
-mit Bratkartoffeln   14,50 €

Schweizer Wurstsalat mit Frischwurst & Käse
-mit Brot   10,90 €
-mit Bratkartoffeln   14,50 €


Ungarisches Gulasch, Bratkartoffeln
16,90 €

Zarter Sauerbraten im eigenen Sößle, Spätzle, Semmelknödel
17,90 €

Paniertes Schweineschnitzel „Wiener Art“

mit buntem Salatteller

15,90 €

Cordon-Bleu vom Landschwein

mit Pommes-frites

18,90 €


dazu Spätzle vom Brett

17,90 €


Schweinemedaillons am Spieß an Pfeffersoße
dazu Pommes-frites

21,80 €

Rumpsteak vom Grill

-mit Kräuterbutter und Pommes-frites

25,90 €

-an Madagascar-Pfeffersoße, Pommes-frites

26,90 €

-„á la Mayer“ mit Spiegelei und großem Salatteller

25,50 €


5,50 €

Information about additives and allergens can be found in the information folder at the buffet.
Our service staff will be happy to help you choose your dishes.

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Classic Swabian cuisine, interpreted in a modern way at the Löwen in Wendlingen

Traditional Swabian cuisine is known for its straightforward heartiness. Mainly, it includes handmade pasta such as spaetzle and Maultaschen, as well as spicy meat and deliciously aromatic cheese. We serve different types of homemade Maultaschen – with potato salad, roasted or baked in the classic way. Vegetarian guests are welcome to try the Käspätzle (cheese noodles) with fried onions. We recommend the sour tripe or the famous Gaisburger March, a traditional beef stew for fans of Swabian cuisine and anyone who wants to become one. If you fancy something a little lighter and more contemporary, you might like to try one of the delicious salads. 
Depending on the season, you will find typical German cuisine with dishes such as schnitzel, roast beef, fried potatoes and mushrooms or asparagus on the menu.

A day in the restaurant

The day at the Hotel-Restaurant Löwen begins with the morning breakfast buffet. The aroma of crisply-baked rolls, fresh bread, hot coffee and delicacies lure our guests out of bed for the first meal of the day. The restaurant is open on weekdays and we serve all hot and cold dishes on the menu from the kitchen. In the evening we open the doors again for the last meal of the day. Again, of course, we offer a wide selection of drinks. After dinner, our guests are cordially invited to round off the day in a small circle or good company. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a glass of something in the cosy dining room – or on the terrace when the weather is nice.

Hours of opening


Monday-Sunday 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

- or by telephone arrangement with key code


Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 1.30 p.m. and from 4 p.m.

- Groups on request

- Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

- On bridging days,the opening times may vary

Please phone to enquire!



Nürtinger Straße 1
73240 Wendlingen

+49 7024 9490

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