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Starters    • Omelette with herbs on toast, served with mixed salad garnish   • Half a dozen escargots (snails) with white bread   • Mixed leaf lettuce with bacon and nuts Soups   • Consomé with herbed Celestine   • Homemade "Maultaschen" (a local version of ravioli)   • Baden snail-soup Main courses   • Large and colourful salad with slices of roasted chicken breast.   • Homemade sour tripe with sauteed potatoes   • Lentils with "Spätzle" (homemade local pasta) and sausages.   • Homemade "Maultaschen" (a local version of ravioli) with roasted onions   • Fried "Maultaschen" (a local version of ravioli) with light pepper-sauce   • Escalope with cream-sauce, mushrooms and homemade Spätzle (local pasta)   • "Schlemmerteller" Medallions with champignons, vegetables and "Käsespätzle" (cheesy-noodles)   • Swabian classic-sirlion-steak with roasted onions served with, Spätzle, Maultäschle, Schupfnudel     (finger-shaped potato dumpling) and sauerkraut Vegetarain dishes   • Variety of leaf lettuces with balsamic dressing and filled pancake-yoghurt-rolls   • Cauliflower-broccoli-gratin served with sliced herb pancakes   • "Unterboihinger Pfann" roasted "Schupfnudel"     with Mediterranean spices, fresh vegetables from the market in sour cream. Desserts   • Vanilla ice-cream with hot raspberries and cream   • Deep-fried beer-battered Apple rings with vanilla sauce   • Dessert speciality of the season
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